FMおだわらで毎週月曜22時から好評放送中のモンチコン・ラジオ、第15回目は今年で設立25周年を迎えたSub Popを特集! 日本でちょうど同じ日にリリースされたWashed OutNo Ageの新譜を中心に、カタカナで書くと必要以上にボブ・サップと間違われがちなサブ・ポップの「今」に迫ってみました! クロマティも何故か登場!

M-1♪Father John Misty/Nancy From Now On
M-2♪King Tuff/Evergreen
M-3♪Daughn Gibson/In The Beginning
M-4♪Daughn Gibson/Mad Ocean
M-5♪Still Corners/Beat City
M-6♪Washed Out/It All Feels Right
M-7♪Washed Out/Don't Give Up
M-8♪No Age/I Won't Be Your Generator
M-9♪No Age/An Impression


Father John Misty "Nancy From Now On" 11/05/12 - CONAN on TBS

King Tuff - Safe for Work Session

Still Corners - Berlin Lovers [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Washed Out - Don't Give Up [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

No Age @ Vodafone Paredes De Coura Warm Up | Porto 12.04.2013 | Full Concert

CLIMB(Warren Cromartie) / GIRL LIKE YOU